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Sep 12, 2019
Indian wedding photography ideas

indian wedding photography ideas

A photo speaks volume about a moment. Photography is much more than words can ever express not just because they portray the precise moment but because a photoshoot gives you the opportunity to travel back in time, and re-live that moment of joy and happiness. A photo is a cumulative affect of genuine memories, without presence of malice. Wedding photographs and the pre-wedding photoshoot is a perfect example of the importance of photography, and why a professional photographer is important to cover the moments which brings smile on the face. Wedding is moment of pleasure, happiness, two families coming together and close connection of a couple. A couple who are going to be tied in a knot, knot of all the emotions which a person can feel. Wedding is an official ceremony for celebrating the union of two different families. Therefore, weddings in India are celebration of espousal of a couple and two families for a lifetime, and beyond.

The family, and the couple are more joyous that moment can only be explained or articulated through the family and couple photoshoot themes. Indian photography blogs explain the meaning of candid photography as clicking photos randomly, without prior information so that the developed photos show real the you, not a person who is consumed by the pressure of making poses or smiling unnecessarily. Raj studio is famous for candid photography in Delhi, the professional and trained photographers know how to capture the natural expression. Natural expression allows the couple, and the family look as they are not faking a smile or conversation, or specifically posing for a photograph. Raj studio, makes the couple and the families look good together. Wedding occasion today are one of the most celebrated occasion in Delhi, it is not, what people assume as unnecessary display of wealth.

Wedding photographs

It is an indeed display emotions which are perceived differently by different people.The photographs of the wedding are the best to display the feelings and excitement of the event because photos are memories, and memories last lifelong. Furthermore, a wedding is not an event to display one’s wealth, but a sacred occasion displaying the intense love of parents, and close family members. Photographs are the symbol and souvenirs of the love of the family and friends for the bride and groom. Therefore, Indian weddings are brimming with ideas to make the occasion one of its kind.

Wedding is a festival for the bride and groom, which come after the pre-wedding shoot by the best photographers in Delhi. This process sometimes also involves using photo studio for the wedding photography, for using certain props, which will be as a part of both pre and post-wedding photoshoot. Wedding and photography are synonyms for each other, and poses are equally important for editing in photoshop. Photoshop gives the photos a different charm and quotient, which makes the admirers and viewers go wow-wow! All this makes the adrenaline of the couple rising and keeps them motivated to look their best during the celebration and preparations.

Wedding ideas

Wedding ideas includes the usage of themes so that wedding look different from other weddings. The usage of themes gives a unique look the venue, as well decoration on wedding hall. The bride and groom are dressed differently from the guest. This makes easily noticeable in the crowd of many, the close family and friends of the couple are dressed differently. The various functions which are part of the wedding are marked by different themes, which begins with the ‘roka’. This is the first function of the whole wedding, it is officializing the relation of the bride and groom. Since, roka is a mutual function by the bride groom, but more of the bride.The theme of roka function is dominated by pink, because girls loves pink. Beginning from the girls dress, the decoration of the function, the function hall is adorned by pink flowers and groom also wears matching clothes, which is known as color combination.

Pre wedding photoshoot

This is followed by the first official cocktail night by the both families, to mark the commencement of the wedding celebration. This night is filled with fervor, love and blessings for the couple. The theme of the cocktail party is normally styled by dress best to the occasion. Next to follow are a few official functions on both sides, which are considered as necessary for God’s and elder’s blessings. These are part of the official ceremony because they are part of wedding planning timeline. The theme for these functions are traditional clothing or party clothing.

Engagement function or ‘lagan’, the families of both the bride and groom perform of collection of various performance which is much awaited and loved by everyone.These about displaying their dancing or singing skills, but out of excitement and pure love. This function also includes performances from the groom’s side. The second cocktail is part of the function. The theme of the party is wearing the best formal outfit from your wardrobe. The themes for the strictly formal clothing.

candid photography in delhi

The final day before the wedding, or the countdown day, includes performing some official ladies sangeet and some ‘puja.’Night involves a small get-together and official cocktail party with close relatives. The close relatives and friends of the bride and groom attend this function. The theme of this party is official partying, and dressing in indo-western clothes, and the function hall is equally decorated with fashionable patterns.

The day, everyone was waiting for has arrived and the bride groom look the best. The theme for the boys is tuxedo, and for the girl’s gowns or lehengas. The wedding function is followed by reception. The reception includes another official cocktail. The theme for the party is formal clothing. It is a function attended only by close relatives.


Aug 26, 2019
Raj Studio Shalimar Bagh - The Best photo studio near me

Raj Studio Shalimar Bagh - The Best photo studio near me

Clicking photos and portraits is an activity regarding which people are excited and cheerful about, no matter how sullen their mood is, the word ‘cheese’ makes them smile. Raj studio or different photo studios located nearby does the job of bringing smile to your face. The procedure of clicking pictures involves equal responsibility of both, the poser and the photographer. Here, the poser, no matter what his state of mind islike smiles because the fear of bad photos haunts everyone.

The photographer arranges lights and reflectors to get a good frame. He is latter occupied with maneuvering the poser, so he/she looks best in the photo and fits accurately in the frame, which later might be used for various purposes.

Professional photographers

The job of photographers is taking pictures of various people, numerous events, places and objects. The majority work in their general practice, which involves work such as taking pictures of wedding gala, individuals portraits or family portraits, while others may specialize in a particular field such as candid, television, fashion, or clinical photography. Increasingly, film cameras are replaced by digital cameras because they offer more space and wider frames, and their inbuilt technology offers better picture clarity.

raj studio shalimarbagh

They often work with an assistant, who takes cares of the lighting, but some prefer working alone, and more professional ones work with models, lighting technicians and journalists.Hours or working shifts can be unsociable and irregular, and photographers can work anywhere from a modern studio to outdoors in all weathers, depending on the pictures they need to take.Apart from this, another job of photographer is to be creative, brimming with technical skills for pictures editing and framing on the computer over photoshop. The photographer must persuasive in communication with the clients.

They must be commercially aware and good at marketing themselves. Photography is a very competitive occupation because of variety of diploma courses available at affordable prices. Here, throwing upon a photographer’s assistant is also important because their work contributes to the photographers work which later reflects in the pictures. Although, there are no specific qualifications required for some of the courses teaching the work of a technician, but it requires the candidate to be technically fluent in working relation to camera equipment.

However, the photographer leans everything related to photography in his/her teaching but having two learned persons at a job gives better results. These are good at maternity photoshoot, child photography, pre wedding, wedding, product photoshoot and cinematography.This category also includes freelancer or self-employed photographers. They spend time building their businesses and reputations.

best photography by top wedding photographers in Delhi, ncr

As we all aware wedding is one most special event, and therefore photography at the wedding event must be memorable and worth looking at even after years, to relive the day again. These photographers click candid photos of the couple at the studio and even at outdoor locations. The candid photo is part of wedding packages which include both pre and post photoshoot. Raj studio have bunch of professional photographers, accompanied with learned assistant and technicians.

top wedding photographers in delhi

These professionals give access to nearest photo studios for in studio post wedding photographs and the use of crops to make the photos look more ravishing. Wedding is one-time event, and the couple never like taking chances with their photos. They are experts in cinematography, so the wedding event looks like a movie which makes it more attractive. This art deals with the art of motion-picture photography, knowing the art of cinematography is rare and photo raj are experts in the business.

Wedding celebration begins

The best thing about Indian wedding is that they are like festivals, and they involve many functions and event. Raj studio provides the best professional photographers to cover them. The wedding starts with small function which includes only close gathering; which is known as bhaat, it is normally a pre-wedding ritual. The ceremony of Bhaat is organized by the groom or bride's side. The first bhaat is performed by the parents of the bride/groom, it is formal invitation to the maternal uncle. the family visits the uncles house, laden with gifts and surprises.Before the wedding another bhaat function takes place performed by the maternal uncle or Mama ji of the bride/groom, which performed by them. This function is acceptance of the invitation by the bride/groom's family.In this ritual, both families come laden home with lavish gifts items along with other close family members.

best photographer in delhincr

After this function there is a long gap, which is formally known as courtship period. The couples get to know each other more closely during this period. The family is also involved as there are frequent dinners exchanged between them. This period includes photography of the couple which is termed as the pre-wedding photography. This photography is collection of snaps from period of bhaat till the wedding day, which a period of 6-12 months. The snaps also include photos of the couple at romantic location where they travel with photographer only for fluffing this purpose.

Next, the couple meet at the occasion of their engagement. But before the engagement there are couple of traditional functions. The traditional function includes visiting the religious places, the families of the bride/groom believe in. This tradition normally culminates with an official function celebrating the blessing of God. The next function is engagement which is accompanied with the official cocktail. This function involves participation of many relatives of the bride and groom. This function goes on till late night, being lost in celebrations of the wedding.

Two days to go for the wedding

With two days to for the wedding, the temperature is rising on both sides, but celebration must not stop. Photo raj or raj studio Shalimar bagh becomes more active during this time. There is collection of various candid photos from both sides which is later played at the wedding ceremony as surprise. These are captioned as lost in celebration. This period includes the unofficial cocktail.

Wedding day

The most important day has arrived for the families of bride and groom, and for them. the wedding day starts with the photographs of the house of the bide/groom, and of the wedding venue. This is usually followed by solo portraits of the bride and groom. These photos are taken with props to beautify them. This is followed by various photograph of the couple at the venue. A separate section is reserved at the venue for the wedding photography of the couple. This also includes the post-wedding photographs. To make it clearer, the post-wedding photographs begin usually after the bride and groom have exchanged the garlands. The photographers also take photographs of other families as there is separate wall reserved for that purpose.

wedding photographer delhi

The wedding is on its conclusion and everyone is tried, but the photographs are not yet tried. Raj studio professional photographers covers the last phase of the wedding with enthusiasm. This is when the couple beings circumventing the scared fire. This part includes some very creative and candid photography. This is part which officially legalize the marriage of the couple.


    The last and final part where everyone is exhausted, including the bride and groom. Raj studio photographers start to capture this part as the wedding has just begin. Farewell or ‘vedai’ where the bride and her mother part, both burst into endless tears. The bride is not leaving forever, but still she now leaving in her husband’s house. After this period, she will be a temporary visitor at her own house. These pictures portray the pain, happiness and many emotions in one frame and give access to many feelings into pictures.


    Aug 16, 2019
    Amazing Child Photoshoot-Cute Poses of Babies

    Child Photoshoot is something that every parent wants, and every photographer loves to do. However, in case of babies, the photoshoot is a bit challenging as they are the master of their own mood. The best part is that the babies are naturally very charming and for having those Cute Poses of babies, you only need to know the poses because the cuteness is already there.

    The challenge here is keeping the baby happy throughout, or you can shoot some of the best candid photo shoots when the baby is sleeping. Make sure the baby is in a good mood, have had a good sleep and the tummy is full. Given below are some of the tips to do the best baby candid photography, only a little patience is needed from both the parents and the photographer to make sure the results are worth it.

    1. The sleeping Baby

    No matter it’s a kids photo shoot or a wedding shoot, you always have to book the photographer for that day in advance, but what if you baby is sleeping when the photographer arrives? You need not worry because that’s where the strength of the baby candid photography lies. These tiny little beauties are full of cuteness and trust me, this cuteness multiplies when they are asleep.

    There are many things that are to be taken care of while you are having the photoshoot, one of them is making sure that the baby is wearing comfortable clothes. This helps you when you are changing the position of the baby to et the best sleeping baby pose. The more comfortable the baby is, the more it will reflect in the image and every mother knows how precious it is to see the baby in a sound sleep.

    2. The Naughty baby

    Most of the times we compare a child’s activeness to naughtiness, but the truth is that the naughtiness reflects in the eyes and even the little babies can be extremely naughty just like this one:

    amazing child photoshoot

    That sparkle in the eyes and that cute little smile can melt the hardest stones. Every mother has the most cutest baby in the world, but the cuteness always differs. Sometimes the baby is calm and sweet and sometimes the baby is happy and naughty each with a little of its own uniqueness.

    If you are lucky enough to have you baby awake at the time photographer is still at your home or the decided venue, you can have the most amazing child photoshoot. Just cuddle a little with your baby and wait for the moment he/she laughs heartily, that’s the golden opportunity for the photographer.

    3. Baby with Teddy

    Want that cuteness overloaded photograph of your little sunshine? Just place some soft toy near them while they are asleep. You can also place a teddy underneath the arm that will give an image of the baby sleeping with the teddy.

    candid baby photographs

    Carry the soft toys and other stuff that you baby loves with you to the venue of the photoshoot so that you can calm down your baby in case of need. These will make you baby happy and give the photographs a whole new look.

    This is one of the smartest ways to get beautiful candid baby photographs, give them their favorite toy and they can give you some of the cutest baby smiles.

    4. Baby in Basket

    Babies in baskets can be considered one of the cutest things. Place some quirky props, they can be little boots, a beautiful blanket or a little tiara and choose your angle. Make sure that no part of babies body is touching the basket as it can make the baby uncomfortable and cause irritation.

    Though any type of basket can be used, but a wooden basket is something that can take the picture to the next level. No matter it’s a boy photoshoot or a girl photoshoot, you can trust these baskets to give you perfect candid photographs. For adding more detail, place the basket with the baby in a green place like a garden or you can just put it on the floor:

    perfect candid photographs

    Any way, the cuteness is going to pop out no matter where you are placing the basket.

    5. The comfy Baby

    Where there is baby, there is cuteness. Wrap your baby in some cute cloth nicely. Make sure you don’t disturb the little one while doing so. After you are done with the wrapping, place that small cocoon like baby one a beautiful feathery blanket and shoot the million-dollar shot.


    At the end of the photoshoot, you will be amazed to see that even a photograph in which nothing is happening can be so enchanting. No smiles, no grins, still a photograph can fill you with such amazingly soothing vibes. On the other hand, you can always try new creative ideas to get you sleeping baby rock in the photographs because photography is not about poses, it’s about imagination and experimentation.

    6. The Dreaming Baby

    Many people believe that a baby smiles while sleeping because he is meeting the angels in dreams. Well, I don’t know if it’s true or its merely a myth, but I do know that babies look stunningly cute when they smile while sleeping. The challenge here is that you can’t make the baby smile while the photographer is still there at you home. Here, you can yourself become the photographer and capture this beautiful moment because the most amazing baby photograph is always clicked out from the unexpected moments.

    most amazing baby photograph

    Just stay put and watch your baby while he is sleeping, its no big task for a mother as they are the ones that can spend hours looking at their baby with eyes full of love and admiration.

    7. Babies feet

    You don’t have to be a pro while taking photograph of your baby. Just think about the things you see a feel like,Wow what have I created! Baby’s feet are surely one of those things. Those tiny little things are so cute that no one can deny its beauty. Just take your baby’s feet between your hands and ask someone to click a photo. You can have a look at one of those kinds of photographs here:


    Or you can simply create a heart shape with your hands and place them around baby’s feet. Those tiny feet are a harbinger of joy to your family and as the time will pass, you will look at this photograph and it will fill you with beautiful feelings.

    8. Baby on hands

    Usually these types of images are clicked with father. Father’s hand symbolizes masculinity and security. The newborn baby is small and can be easily paced upon father’s hands giving an image of a place of security and care. This is how the image will look after the photographers and editors do their part.

    baby photographers

    These images don’t require any extra props or a lot of editing. You just need a loving father and a sleeping baby; rest is just love that gives it astonishing look and amazing vibe. The more you look at it, the more you fall in love with it.

    9. Baby with mother

    A photograph with a baby and a mother is filled with love and cuteness flows out of it. Put a mother and baby together and you will know the true meaning of candid picture. The baby feels so comfortable in the arms of a mother that you can yourself fall in love with that calming and soothing scene.

    mother photograph

    No matter what angle you are taking it from, a baby and a mother photograph will always be beautiful and cute, telling a story of motherhood. The love, the care, the laughter, the peace, the calm, a whole new life created by a supermom is some of the things that you can see in these photos.

    10. Baby with parents

    An image of baby with parents will always remain one of the masterpieces in the field of photography. You can’t just describe that feeling when the baby is between the arms of people that are considered the epitome of love, care and security; the father and the mother. A child photoshoot becomes adorable when he has both of them around him.

    The task of the photographer is just to pick out the awesome points from the best moments because each second spent in the arms of parents is amazing and nothing is comparable to that. ­­­­­­­­

    baby photoshoot

    Last but not the least, if you want the amazing baby photoshoot, all you need is the love for baby shoot. If you have that soft corner for babies, and love to capture those innocent beauties, maybe your brain will fail at innovative ways of capturing images, but your heart will always find some beauty in the midst of normality.

    Getting a chance to do a baby photoshoot is one of the greatest opportunities that I enjoy every time and look forward to because no matter how busy I am, I always try to steal some time for a shoot filled with love.


    Jul 27, 2019
    10 Best Pre-Wedding Photography Tips

    pre-wedding shoot

    The types of tips you will be needing depends upon your choice of photographer and the whole course of pre-wedding shoot. Its very clear that if you are planning for a photoshoot, you want something different. The first thing that comes in mind is that whether you want it to be done by professional hands or you have some friends that can help you create some mesmerizing pre-wedding photographs.

    Though it sounds very nice, but the truth is that planning a pre wedding shoot and completing it successfully is not an easy task. In case you want the professional pre wedding shoot pictures, you will have to follow a slightly different set of tips than the ones that you will follow if you are going with the other options. Given below are some tips which can help you a lot in both the cases:

    1. Choose Your Photographer Wisely

    The very first thing you need to do choose a good photographer and trust me the definition of a good photographer is very much long and complicated. He is the one that understands both of you as a couple and know how you two can pose to look stunning in images. He should be able give you a comfortable atmosphere and encourage you to feel free in front of him because trust me, pre-wedding photoshoots are all about love and romance.

    A sophisticated photographer can only help you in a wedding shoot, but in a pre-wedding shoot you can turn on your naughty side a bit and let the love flow into your photographs. So, no matter if you are choosing a professional photographer or its one of your friends, make sure he has can give an innovative touch to your already beautiful personality.

    2. Search for a Romantic Location

    This one is quite tricky and one of the best pre-wedding photography tips. You need to search a romantic location because at the end of the day it all comes down to you two love birds. Many people skip this one, but a romantic location can change the whole feeling of moment and that truly reflects in your photographs. Don’t worry about the Pre-wedding shoot prices because this time won’t come again, and you will be seeing this album for a lifetime so make sure you put your best in making it awesome.

    the best pre-wedding photography tips

    Start searching for a location as soon as you Start planning for a pre wedding shoot. You can look out for places that are beyond the hustle bustle of daily life in the midst of the lap of mother nature. On the other hand, if you have a creative mind, you can even make the traffic signal a point for a romantic photograph.

    3. Finalize Your Dresses

    Well this one is very obvious but requires a lot of time and a lot of homework. This should be done after deciding the location for your pre wedding shoot. Before the shoot, scout the location and look for the colors that pop out at different timings. Especially the sunrise and the sunset prove to be very romantic as this time is the most colorful of all.

    Take your photographer with you and he will help you decide the colors, patterns and the contrast that will complement the location and spice up your shoot.

    Pairing the dresses is always fun, or you can just mix and match the colors; if she is wearing a blue top and a white jean, you can go for a white shirt and a blue jean and wear matching shoes.

    The following points are taken from the diary of a professional Delhi wedding photographer and can help you if your pre-wedding shoot is going to be done by your friend as these are some tips that the professionals photographers follow while taking photographs.

    4. Use a Longer Lens

    The problem with mid-range lenses like 50mm is that they create distortion that makes you look plump and this steals the taste from the photograph. Using longer lenses like that of 85mm or 200mm can prove to be very helpful in pre-wedding shoots.These lenses blur the background and converge the focus onto the subject making them clearer and livelier.

    Delhi wedding photographer

    On the other hand, the photographer won’t have to stand very near to the couple. This is helpful as the couple feel relaxed and in a safer area where they hold each other’s hands more freely with real emotions. A range where the couple feel comfortable should be chose because true feelings have always been the key ingredient in the best of all the pre-wedding photoshoots.

    5. Use Burst Mode

    Shooting good photographs is not an easy task especially when you are aware of the fact that someone is trying to photograph you. The more conscious you are, the stiffer your body will be and trust me or not, this kills the actual mood and clearly reflects in the picture.

    Using burst mode while shooting is very much helpful because you never know when the people in front of camera can burst into a laughter because of the awkwardness of the moment. The best part here is you can capture even the slightest difference in the body language and one out many pictures can be the masterpiece for which you were posing for nearly an hour.

    6. Use Flattering Angels

    There are no rules in photography and that is what makes it so beautiful and complicated at the same time. When you have a couple before you, you can use the most awkward angels and make the best pre-wedding photographs out of them.

    All of it depends upon your thinking, choose different angles try weird positions.

    best pre-wedding photographs

    Whatever you do, make sure that you are focusing on the features of the couple. Don’t flatten the image, let the sharpness come out and speak for itself. Use angels that enhance the chemistry of the couple which otherwise is not possible when you have a couple that is too shy.

    7. Use Backlight

    Pre wedding shoots are not complete without a little drama. The setting sun and other light sources like bulbs can be used to create amazing dramatic photo shoots. The beautiful light if stays in the background of the couple, it creates an amazing rim of light around the edges and gives a dramatic effect to the photo which is what is required in a pre-wedding shoot.

    You can experiment with this effect and create your own masterpiece because there are no limits to creative and innovative thinking in photography. The more you experiment, the more you will get to know about it.

    pre-wedding shoot pictures

    Source: https://bit.ly/2yiZnJz

    8. Use off Camera Flash

    Many pre-wedding shoots in Delhi have images in them that are taken with the off-camera flash and they have been becoming the most loved pre-wedding shoot pictures of the audience on social media. Whereas the natural light serves as an amazing photography ingredient, you can take photographs when the light behind the couple is more to highlight them.

    This gives a unique look to the photograph and it also gives a touch of a fairytale pre-wedding photoshoot to normal photographs. You can hold the flash closer to the subject in order to enhance the subject while underexposing the background light in the image.

    9. Find Romance in Everything That Comes Your Way

    In the end, it’s a pre-wedding shoot, you should want nothing, but instances of love and romance captured in beautiful frames that will remind you of some happy moments when both of you age with time.

    Hold hands, walk down a beautiful road with your partner, sit on some bench and talk about life, hold each other close and just feel the love that flows in that moment. Capture some moments like these and see how the simplest moments look stunning in photographs.

    Source - https://bit.ly/2YmWcLp

    Talking about the best pre-wedding photoshoots, they are the ones that look natural and flawless without anything forced into the moment from the external sources.

    10. Your Photographs Should Tell Your Story

    Overall, pre-wedding photoshoot is about telling your story, depicting your chemistry through photographs. Pre-wedding photos are not just for your family members and friends, when you grow old and have children, you can show them these images and tell about what you were like when you were young in love.

    The best you can do is just be yourself while you are posing. Don’t get camera conscious. Don’t feel nervous or awkward about what how you are going to look with that smile. Don’t try to fake anything, not even a little grin. Stay real and see how it works for the best.

    Use these 10 best pre-wedding tips and shoot like a pro, but nothing that can be compared to love. There is no compulsion of a good pre-wedding theme, you just need to stick to your love and let it reflect in the photographs because all other things will fade, but the love will remain, forever and ever.


    Jul 23, 2019
    10 Tips For better Candid Photography

    10 Tips For better Candid Photography

    Photography is all about capturing the moments. By moments one means the ones that are stolen from the time. Some moments are so unpredictable and beautiful at the same time, that they can become a masterpiece and Candid Photography is what exactly we call it.

    We met a lot of candid photographers in Delhi and we came to know amazing things that they do to capture the best out of simple moments. We jotted down perspectives of thousands of professional wedding photographers in Delhi into these 10 Tips for better candid photography just to make you a professional in what you love to do.

    funniest candid photography shots ever produced

    Always step out with a camera

    Taking the camera wherever you are going is a sign of a passionate photographer. Even if you are just going out for a walk, keep your camera with you because the best moments captured on camera till date were mostly unplanned.

    You Have a DSLR? Just step out and look for beauty, dive deep down into the being of things and you will be able to capture the very essence of their existence. Always keep your camera with you because that tiny dew drop won’t wait for you while delicately and elegantly slipping off of a fresh green leaf or ever so refreshing rose petal. Ask it yourself from the best photo studio you know in Delhi and then step out to master the art of Candid Photography.

    Burst Mode

    Technology has made everything easier and this is applicable also in the field of candid photography. Nowadays, Nikon or canon digital cameras are the ultimate solutions to the wedding shoots. Burst mode is very much helpful in taking the best Candid Photographs as most of the best and the funniest candid photography shots ever produced are unpredictable and spontaneous. Especially the wedding photographers in Delhi have made burst mode their weapon for taking best candid photographs.

    By using Burst mode, you can capture the slightest change in the expressions and somewhere between those 20 shots, you find you one perfect picture of the moment and that is what Candid Photography is all about.

    Drop the flash

    The worst thing you can do while trying to capture a candid a photograph without telling your subject is turning on your flashlight. This blinding light makes your subject aware of your presence and kills the natural mood of the moment. On the other hand, even if your subject knows you are taking a photography, the flashlight makes him conscious of your presence. The more conscious your subject is of your presence the less natural your photograph is going to look.

    candid photographs

    Use a faster lens and increase your ISO setting in lower light situations. Open the aperture or you can just turn the 'natural light mode'. The more you are able to blend in with the background, the more natural image will be there. Lose the flash and master the candid photography.

    Strategic Positioning

    Anyone can own a camera, but not everyone can become a photographer. Photography is an art that requires knowledge and skill of your surrounding and handling your camera respectively. You can master strategic positioning at the time of a pre-wedding shoot. The subject is aware of the presence and you have full control over their moments, you can work on your positions keeping in mind the angle and the lights under which you want to capture a photograph.

    As you keep on practicing, there will be a day when you will know in advance what the next moment of your unaware subject will be. That day, you will predict the upcoming moment and position yourself strategically in advance to be able to capture that one perfect moment.

    Capture People doing something

    The best moments are the ones that are taken while people are busy enjoying in their comfort zone. Fully emerged in doing something, people make themselves vulnerable and the emotions that flow are highly precious. The best Candid Photographers in Delhi revealed that they have captured some of the mind-blowing candid photographs when their subjects were busy in something and didn’t know that the photographer is taking a shot.

    cutest baby photoshoot

    A little baby reading a book is not a true thing, but it can become the cutest baby photoshoot if you grab this chance while the baby is just busy playing with the book. No matter what your subject is doing, reading a book, humming something, or just sitting there lost in thoughts. Anything and everything can become a great piece of candid photography because the emotions are true at that point of time and it reflects on their face and in your photography.

    Blend In

    Social gatherings can be considered as one of the best places for taking a candid photograph. In the middle of a whole lot of unique personalities who are busy in meeting with their family and friends, you can easily find some memorable moments. The moments that are oozing with feelings, joy and laughter all at the same time.

    Blend in with the crowd and make yourself comfortable so that the people around you don’t feel like you are there to plant a bomb or two. Keeping the jokes apart, know your surroundings and the people, capture the moments that are beyond explanation when it comes to feelings and emotions. Move around as if you are the part of the crowd, and when you have people in the right position you want them to be on, point your camera at them and capture the beauty of the moment in its purest form.

    Know your subject

    Some of the best wedding photographers in Delhi, know this tip. They keep up a detailed work with them on the subject’s priorities. We all have a better side, which appears far more attractive and beautiful in front of the camera. A photographer can make the best use of your better side only if he knows which way you will be more attractive. So, when you are on your mission for wedding shoot, make sure you know the tit bits that can add a lot to the quality of the stills you are going to take.

    Engage in a discussion with the subject, be a part of the wedding, enjoy with them, and be camera ready so that you can capture the moment just after you figure out that it is something that is going to be beautiful memorable memory.

    best wedding photographers in Delhi

    Shoot from the hip

    Candid photography is not easy as it sounds. Whereas, you can have willing subjects who want you to capture their moments, you may also have subjects that camera conscious. In case, you have a subject that can run away if he finds you with your camera on, try to shoot from the hip height.

    This way, you will be able to distract your subject as little as possible and have your moment without them knowing it. On the other hand, shooting from this height will give you a new perspective. Even the simple images can turn into beautiful stills when taken from the height of hips. The best part is that there are no rules in candid photography, you can try any angle you want, just make sure, the subject is busy playing with the stuff.

    Add foreground elements

    the height of hips

    Well, here is something that can go a long way in candid photography. Adding foreground elements is the biggest advantage you can take of this type of photography. You can actually hide behind something or somebody while you take photograph without letting your subject know about it. On the other hand, you can intentionally add something in the foreground in order to make the still look like you are tying to capture something naturally even when you yourself have planned the whole scene.

    Take someone’s shoulder, hide behind a curtain, a branch or anything that comes in your way, give it a little importance and take it in a blurry space while you keep your focus on your subject. Many wedding photographers in Delhi use this technique to bring the best of shoots.

    Mix perspective & Break the rules

    Last but not the least, photography is not at all about perfection. Instead, photography is about capturing the moments that are so perfect that they endow the picture with its own beauty. Making every single click one of a kind that there can be.

    Try new things, implement your innovative ideas, and break the rules. Do whatever it takes to capture that moment of ecstasy and that means, climb over a tree and sit on branch while hiding behind the leaves to capture the mother feed her baby in the nest. Now, that is what real candid photography is.

    Follow these tips whenever you are planning for candid photographs. Cling to Raj Studio and stay updated with the latest blogs that talk about nothing but photography. Get inspired by them and become a professional photographer or just have a team at your home to capture the best wedding shots.


    Jul 13, 2019
    Best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR

    Best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR

    Delhi is full of skilled photographers that have been working to be the best in the field of wedding photography. Candid photography and pre-wedding shoots have also become very much famous with time. In order to give you memories that are beyond perfect, given below is a list of some of the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR that can come handy when you are deciding to hire the best photo studios in Delhi.

    Basically, the key features of the best photographers are that they have a team that understands the feelings behind wedding and maternity photoshoots and give their best to take pictures that can remind you of the long-gone precious moments. As the studio increases its clients, day by day, it focuses on becoming the best by providing 100% customer satisfaction.Given below are some of the best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR that can help you with your wedding plans.


    Wedmegood is a team of professional experts who have successfully linked their professional expertise with their personal love for weddings. Once you hire them for your marriage functions and wedding photography, all you need to do is just sit back and relax while they fill all your whims and fancies up to the brim.


    They are filed with a variety of wedding inspirations and ideas and a never-ending gallery of photos that can keep you busy for almost eternity. With the kind of services that they provide, they have been able to earn the name among the top wedding photographers in Delhi.


    Weddings is a well-known brand in the world of photography is Delhi NCR. It has been working in the field of wedding photography. The quality of its services and the unique team that it provides has made it one of the best photo studios in Delhi.


    They use the best technology and professional tools that brings out the best in every moment and gives you a masterpiece in the form of a beautiful photograph. The moments that they capture are filled with the true essence of that event and has always been winning the hearts of its customers with its services.

    LensEyeZia Productions

    LensEyeZia Productions is about building the glory in Delhi NCR with happiness and satisfaction through its services that seem beyond priceless. Even the simplest of photographs can speak of the magnificence of the moment and that is what Lenseyezia is all about, capturing the reality in untainted but innovative forms.

    LensEyeZia Productions

    Their work speaks of their quality and it is considered as one of the best places for photography is Delhi. Located in Delhi, they don’t let the boundaries confine them and believe in working all around India. With several happy customers already outside the corners of Delhi, their young and passionate team can travel anywhere to take out the best of all photographs.
    Shutter Down

    Indian wedding is blend of multiple emotions and Shutter down is all about capturing those emotions with the help of a team of highly wedding photographers and cinematographers. The main aim is to create a visual diary of love, laughter and emotions.

    Shutter down is in Delhi, but the enthusiastic team has travelled around the world in order to capture the wonderful weddings, unraveling the true essence of Indian Weddings on every special occasion. Restoring the Indian Tradition in every single wedding event, they have wrap it up with the magical skills of candid photography.

    Apart from the four mentioned above, there is one photo studio that has emerged as one of its kind in the photography Industry and earned the name in top wedding photographers and that name is:

    Raj Studio

    Established in 1987 by Mr. Baldev Raj, Raj Studio has been on its trip of winning the hearts of thousands of people with its uniquely customized services in the field of pre-wedding photoshoots. They have the best wedding photography packages India can ever have. Specially personalized packages are made, keeping in mind the priorities of the customer, the importance of events and the emotions. Each photograph is filled with the true essence of that moment in which it was captured and can be felt every time you surf through the albums of your pre-wedding and wedding shoot. It caters you the best photography in Delhi NCR providing photography services for:

    Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

    Pre-Wedding Photoshoots

    Pre-Wedding is a time filled with passion and enthusiasm for the new life that the bride and bridegroom is going to have. Raj Studio is very well known for its pre-wedding shoots that are done in variety of places that turn out to be the unusual but extremely beautiful photography locations.

    Wedding Photoshoots

    Raj Studio has the top wedding photographers take out little moments of happiness and love to put them into stills that are filled with the amazing aura of those events. Every ritual is captured in its purest form without damaging the feelings and emotions attached to it.

    Product Shoots

    Product Shoots

    Product shoot requires skill and experience all at the same time because it is the product image that the customer is attracted to when he surfs online for buying something. The professional photographers have that unique technical knowledge which brings out the best to be placed in front of the customer.

    Kids Photoshoot

    Kids Photoshoot

    The time passes by rapidly and in no time the baby is a toddler. Kids Photoshoot helps you capture your child’s growth in beautiful frames that are filled with happy moments and memories. The skilled team that’s quite dedicated when it come to a kid’s photoshoot, takes out the best props to capture the smartest of shots.


    Raj Studio has excelled in the field of cinematography and has been spreading smiles with its services. There is a unique emotion attached to the rituals, to that enchanting laughter and that aroma of sweets that fills the air with vibes that are beyond explanation. Capturing all these things in the film is what true cinematography is all about. 

    If you are searching for the best place for photography in Delhi, Raj studio is the one-stop destination for you. You can always check it out for best photography packages and take the team to your favorite place where you want the shoot to be done. When it comes to photoshoots you can always rely on all these best photo studios in Delhi.


    Jun 11, 2019
    The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Wedding Photographs

    The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Wedding Photographs

    Wedding photography is one of the essential parts of wedding planning. These days every couple invests a lot of time in finding the perfect wedding photographer who can capture their special moments.

    The job of the photographer is no more restricted to clicking random photos, like in the past. They have the responsibility to grab the glimpse of special moments. They need to creatively capture exclusive shots that turn the wedding stills into a memory of the lifetime for the bride and the groom. The wedding photography needs to be perfect with different poses and candid pictures, which can mesmerise the couple and their family.

    The creativity of the photographer is visible in his past work. Not all captures can be useful. Photographers tend to discard the photos that are not suitable for the wedding album. However, sometimes the quirkiest and weird photos get etched in the memory forever.

    Wedding moments are full of fun, crowd, times of fatigue, and warmth. Amidst this time, photographers tend to be at their creative best click a variety of wedding photographs. Don’t miss the best, worst, and weirdest wedding photography ideas we’ve rounded up for you below.

    Best Wedding Photography

    1. Love Is In the Air

    Wedding Photo Shoot

    Source: https://bit.ly/2WBW5zI

    The picture says it all, with its fantastic composition, conceptualisation, lighting and the ultimate capture. This wedding photo is a complete picture that the couple could, in fact, frame and keep in the house. The photographer plays with the natural light and keeps the couple in the shadow. The lack of light on the couple adds to the beauty due to the overload of love that can be felt by the viewer just by looking at the picture. The location where the still is shot adds to the essence of the whole image.

    Added to that is the flowing dress or cloth, which shows the feeling of love floating in the air. The proximity of the couple speaks volumes, even without their facial expression being visible to the audience. The effort made by the photographer can be seen exclusively in the image. Overall the picture can be said as one of the best wedding photographs seen till date.

    2. The Roadway to Love

    Wedding photography

    Source: https://bit.ly/2wJMEPc

    The photo is not only highly creative, but it is also very eye-pleasing. The monochrome effect has enhanced its meaning and essence. It looks like a roadway to love where the couple resides. The white patch in the sandy terrain created with the bridal gown’s train is unique. It is like a path which ultimately takes us to the couple in a thought-provoking way. The groom, on the other hand, stands to hold the bride in his black suit, which again merges with the black stretch of land everywhere.

    From the image, it is evident that the photographer has put in a lot of thought over this picture. This wedding photo shoot must have surely taken a lot of effort on the part of the photographer. It looks like a white pathway created on a field of coal. The black and white effect is what mostly takes away the award for this being one of the best wedding photographs.

    Though unique, this black and white photography fails to make its mark and falls amongst the worst wedding photos as the couple is hardly visible in it.

    3. The Goodbye Tears

    Candid wedding photography

    Source: https://bit.ly/2K7VWgF

    The picture provides a visual twist, and you might have to look twice to understand the whole meaning of the picture. Here it can be seen that the bride is giving her hand to someone out of the car window. We can see in the reflection, the father of the bride bidding her goodbye and kissing her on the hand. At the first look, it might get a bit confusing as to where the hand is. But this confusion is what enhances the theme of the picture.

    The earring of the bride forms a teardrop on the cheeks of the bride’s father in the reflection. The whole composition of the picture is so meaningful and perfect that it makes the viewer feel the emotions of the father and the bride. It is a sad moment when the father has to say goodbye to his daughter when she gets married. This picture captures this emotion to the fullest and becomes one of the best candid wedding photography.

    Worst Wedding Photography

    4. Cheers to the New Couple

    Wedding Photo Shoot

    Source: https://bit.ly/2WVUVhO

    From the picture itself, it can be seen that the photographer has let his imagination extremely wild. The picture has no meaning or composition whatsoever, and the depiction is not suitable for the ceremony. The majority of the image has been done through editing, which is also not very good. Why the photographer has thought to out the bride, and the groom in two champagne glasses is unknown. The bride and the groom can be seen immersed in two half-filled champagne glasses.

    The quality of the picture is also not very nice, and the whole scenario has no essence. It is understandable that this was supposed to mean as a celebration of the bond. However, the photographer could have thought of something more creative than editing the photos of the bride and the groom in the champagne glass. This can be said as one of the worst wedding photo shoots done by any photographer.

    5. The Mythological Couple

    Wedding photography

    Source: https://bit.ly/2wPCKvi

    It can be established from the picture that is another worst wedding photograph that can be present. The picture relies heavily on the Photoshop skills of the editor, which was not needed. The photographer may have tried to create a mythological effect with the half human half animal picture, but it was a complete failure. This picture should not have made its place in the wedding album since it is a terrible shoot.

    The photographer has hugely failed to use his creative skills for good and has emerged with something that makes no sense at all. The image does not look like a wedding picture at all but seems to be a picture out of a comic movie or novel. This wedding photograph idea is not only bad but touches the line where it can also be called extremely funny.

    6. The Animal Bride

    Candid wedding photography

    Source: https://bit.ly/2I6b1gl

    This picture could have been a good photograph, but the photographer was not able to compose the picture to get the desired effect. At this position, it looks like the lower portion of the bride is that of a horse. At the first view, it looks exactly like the bride is a top part human and lower part horse. You would have to look at the picture twice or more to distinguish the bride from the horse.

    The photographer either did not pay attention during the shot or was not aware of how the picture would look once captured. He or she should have viewed the picture or should have seen how the whole frame would look. The romantic gesture that the photographer wished to display through this picture evaporated just by seeing the bridal horse, or the bride on the horse.  Even the groom is negligible in the picture as all eyes are drawn towards the bride and the horse.

    Weirdest Wedding Photography

    7. Thumbelina Bride

    Wedding Photo Shoot

    Source: https://bit.ly/2KFHCLL

    Only one word comes while seeing this weird picture. This is maybe one of the weirdest wedding photos seen till date. The bride has been reduced to the size of Thumbelina by the photographer. This picture may have been quite weird for the couple as well when they had seen it later. This picture has no concept or picturization, which makes it weird. The groom is seen holding the bride in his hand and trying to kiss it. However, the bride seems to be obstructing the kiss.

    The photographer could have used their editing skills and creativity to capture a more meaning picture on the special day of this couple. If the photographer was aiming for a funny picture, he could have tried out many other ideas instead of this awkward photograph idea. However, this picture should in no way have established itself in the wedding album.

    8. Stuck Between The Teeth

    Wedding photography

    Source: https://bit.ly/2XBz0cV

    It is understandable that the photographer wanted this to be a romantic picture. However, he was not able to make the full use of his creative mind for the picture. As a result, this picture is nothing but an awkward pose of the bride and the groom with their wedding bands stuck between their teeth. At first glance, it looks like something; maybe food is stuck between their teeth. The golden bands are negligible for a second and will only be registered when you look at the picture for more than a second. This is one pose that could have been avoided by the photographer as candid wedding photography.

    9. The Tall Bride

    Candid wedding photography

    Source: https://bit.ly/2ICf7w5

    The only credit that the picture deserves is for the sense of humour that is clearly shown by the photographer as well as the couple. However, the rest of the picture is nothing short of awkward. The groom is understandably carrying the bride while he is inside her dress. This alone crosses the limit of awkwardness that a single wedding photograph could hold. The photographer could have aimed for other funny poses rather than opting for this awkward picture to be in the funny wedding album for over and for all to see. He should have explored his options for different funny poses.


    Jun 06, 2019
    Wedding Photography Ideas to Spice up Your Shot List

    Wedding Photography Ideas to Spice up Your Shot List

    Photographs are one of the essential parts of a wedding since they capture the memories of the special day in them. The photographer carries the responsibility to capture special moments during the event. It is necessary to please the groom and the bride with some fantastic shots that can make their place in the wedding album. Being a wedding photographer, you would need to keep your creativity running and capture some wedding shots, which would surprise them.

    Pleasing your clients with your creativity is not only good for the shots but would also help you keep your creative juices running. Below are seven wedding photography ideas that would help you spice up your shot list. Whenever you are stuck in any situation and cannot find the right ideas for any wedding shot, you could follow these ideas. You can use these ideas for a pre-wedding photo shoot and glam up the wedding album.

    1.Focus on the Items of the Rituals

    pre-wedding photo shoot

    Source: https://bit.ly/2K2aPAY

    An Indian wedding is famous for its different rituals. Many items are used in the ceremonies, and this makes it quite an elaborate affair. You can make the photographs very creative by focusing your attention and camera on these items. The accessories used in a wedding are decorated exclusively. Taking pictures of these would not only make it look unique but would also show the effort that the friends and family members have out after these details.

    The bowl of haldi, the coconut during the ceremony and many other things are included in this list. You can take pictures of the items that you feel would accentuate your photography skills and would also look relatable in the album. Capture these tiny details that make up an Indian wedding. Be sure to focus on these things in the wedding video as well.

    2. Take Pictures Of Family Members

    the wedding video

    Source: https://bit.ly/2WnOjcu

    The wedding comprises not just the bride and the groom but also other people such as their friends, family members, and other guests. That is why it is needed that the album should not just have the pictures of the husband and the wife but also the important people present at the wedding. It could be the parents of the bride or groom or even close friends or cousins.

    No matter whose picture you capture, make sure that they are close enough to the bride and the groom to earn their place in the wedding album and that they are involved in some activity. Rather than taking pictures of poses, be sure to capture candid moments like when they are dancing or being a part of the ritual. Also, ensure that such candid moments are caught in the wedding video as well.

    3. Catch Fun and Lively Moments

    Pre-wedding photography in Delhi

    Source: https://bit.ly/2Z7gmtC

    A wedding is filled with moments that are extremely fun and lively. It may be fun in the rituals or even certain fun moments between the bride and the groom or with their closed ones. These moments will always be remembered and cherished by the bride and the groom all their lives.

    You, as a photographer would have to make sure that these moments are perfectly captured. Moments like these are rare to come by and should be missed from your eyes. These moments are what will make their place in the photo album and remind the bride and the groom about the fun they had at their wedding.

    You can also capture some other fun moments, which involves the bride and the groom, along with their friends or cousins. Be sure to capture at the right time so that the essence of the moment is not missed out.

    4. Invest In Good Locations

    pre-wedding ideas

    Source: https://bit.ly/2ZbhmNy

    If you are searching for pre-wedding ideas, then one of the best things would be to find exotic locations to do the pre-wedding shoot. You can communicate with the bride and the groom and see if they are open to the idea of investing in some excellent locations.

    Depending on the place that they live in, you can opt for beaches, mountains or even small water bodies. Having a beautiful location would make the shit look better with an effortless pose. You can see the exclusive work of some pre-wedding photography in Delhi to get the idea.

    5. Take Natural Elements into Consideration

    wedding picture

    Source: https://bit.ly/2EWcmER

    Natural elements such as air can play a significant role in enhancing a simple wedding picture. If you are having the pre-wedding photo shoot on a windy day, then make sure to use the day to the fullest. You can play around with different items which would be favourable for the picture such as scarves or stoles. You can also use colour sticks as props to make the picture more vibrant and colourful.

    6. Play with the monochrome effect

    Source: https://bit.ly/2XBpw1n

    The monochrome effect is something that can give a picture a timeless feel. Capture a very intimate and special moment between the couple and give it a monochrome effect. Not only will it add extra meaning to the picture, but this will also be a shot worth framing in the couple’s house.

    You can see different pre-wedding photography in Delhi who uses the monochrome effect to give a new feeling to simple pictures. Play around with different images to see in which the effect is prominent.

    7. Shoot exciting group pictures

    Source: https://bit.ly/2ZdcRlv

    Group pictures are a must at every wedding ceremony. Since you do have to take group pictures, make sure that you can conceptualise it instead of taking simple pose pictures. Make use of the friends of the groom and bride and take new group pictures. Create a theme if you have to so that the pictures do not look dull and drab.

    Make the group fun by giving them each different expression which can make the images look livelier. Last but not the least a shout out picture can never go wrong with the friends of the bride and the groom.


    Jun 03, 2019
    Wedding Photography Checklist

    Wedding Photography Checklist

    Memories are always an integral part of every person’s life. They have a way to light up our existence. Everybody has millions of memories which are vital to their living. Mostly it is the happy memories people cherish. And these memories are stored forever in their lives through videos and photographs.

    Today with the rapid ascent of various kinds of technologies, we have access to cameras with the best resolutions. These photos are vivid and bright and take us back to our golden days. They make us glad and nostalgic of the good memories down the memory lane.

    With time, the memory power of a person will deteriorate. However, beautifully taken candid photographs will remain for the newer generations to cherish. This is why photos are so important. However, there is one more thing more important than the photographs themselves. The most crucial factor here remains the photographer and his skills. The photos that are taken should be taken by a skilled hand. Otherwise, not every moment is captured beautifully, with the details intact.

    Photographs are an essential part of weddings as well. Today it is said that modern grooms and brides are very inclined to capture the special moments of their wedding day through photographs. They prefer photographs much more than videos as they are easier to carry and store. Modern survey estimates about fifteen to twenty percent of the total wedding budget is set ready for wedding photography only.

    1. Know The Skills Of Your Photographer

    Wedding Photography

    It is not essential that your photographer has to be an exclusive wedding photographer. Look for experience and skills. If they have done maternity photoshoots or any kind of product or food photography, including kids’ photoshoots, they can be your wedding photographer. It is all about focus and understanding of the subject. As long as your photographer has had experience in the line for a minimum number of years, you can hire him without any doubts.

    2. Creating A Bond With The Photographer

    You need to understand and value your photographer. Once you treat them with respect, you will be able to get the best out of his skills.

    3. Decide Your Budget

    maternity photoshoots

    Every couple should know their budget details before they jump into the decisions and preparations. Also, discuss with your partner if you are flexible with the budget. Depending on such subjects, decide if you need professional photographers for your reception and pre-wedding shoots.

    4. Consider What Your Photographer Needs

    Depending upon the number of guests and other important factors, ask your photographer if he or she needs an assistant or not. If they do not, there will be no need of hiring 2-3 more photographers as helpers to the main photographer. Also, if you time down on your requirements, they will also not require other elaborate and pieces of equipment. 

    5. Bundle All The Services

    If you bundle all the services into one list such as editing, retouching, etc., the cost will come down eventually. So do not go for separate prices for every service. Do not hesitate from negotiating if you like a particular photographer and his samples of work.

    6. Considering The Priorities Of The Event

    To reduce confusion and keep the photography part simple, ask the professional photographer to skip the candid and behind the scenes moments. Only go for the actual ceremony part that captures the true essence of the whole event. A product photographer who does such focused shoots will be an ideal choice for the event.

    7. The Importance Of Other Events

    Indian marriages are long and exhausting. Instead of relying on the photographer to shoot every event. Ask your friends to cover other important activities such candid moments of the other events because sometimes the best photographs are the unplanned ones.

    8. Go For A Genuinely Reviewed Photographer

    It is the age of the internet, where every job is possible. All information is available on the internet. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in Delhi, you can simply use a search engine like Google to get the maximum information. Similarly, you can search in Google using the words like 'Photography Near By’ and photo Studio Near Me.'

    Go for a photographer who has been positively reviewed by several customers on the internet. Make sure that these are genuine reviews. Beware of frauds and unskilled photographers. They will poach you with a good résumé and higher fee structure stating fantastic service.

    9. Let The Photographer Know About The Details

    Before you decide on the final choice, it is better to have a meeting with your photographer. Tell him everything in details about what you want. A clear understanding between the two parties always results in the utilization of cost-effective methods.

    10. Hire The Associate Of A Renowned Photographer


    Everybody has a start someday. Give the deserving associate of any reputed photographer a chance. However, discuss all terms with him and understand his way and methods of photography. If you like his samples and his way of approach to the subject, go ahead and hire him.

    11. The Wedding Videos

    Wedding photographers will also provide packages that include pre-wedding shoot and video shoots. Don't skip the video part, capture that happiness because it's priceless. They will require extra assistance and pieces of equipment along with additional costs, but weddings happen once in a lifetime and after that all you are left with are memories. 

    12. Meet Sufficient Number Of Photographers

    Interview the photographers as much as you can. Look for photographers in your locality as well. Judge their previous work and also their fees structure. Go with the one you have your trust in. Also, keep in mind the factors of your convenience. If they have professional behavior only then go for the final hiring.

    13. Go For Local Photographers

    If you know them from before, they will provide you with better packages and deal based on friendlier relations. Also, you need not pay for extra charges such as travelling costs, lodge costs, food costs, and so on.

    You will also have a fewer number of responsibilities, and you do not have to introduce them to the venue. They will already know their way and the people present. And you will be exempt from worries such as how they are treated or where they are putting up, etc.

    14. Book In Advance


    These preparations need time, so do not waste another second and start looking for the wedding photographer. If you get other kinds of Photographers, who are reputed in their field and are offering you a good deal, you can go ahead with them as well. However, do not wait for the last minute, it is better if you do not procrastinate and take the risk.

    15. Go For Digital Media

    When you are deciding for the ideal package with your photographer, go for a digital package. They will cost you much less as they will not print the photos for you. However, it does allow you the rights to reprint if you want. They will store it in a disc for you, and you can easily upload them on social media where your friends and family can download them with ease. This way, you will be able to celebrate in an environment-friendly way as well.

    If you want you can so go for prints of only your favourite photos which you think were vital. Search online for a website or store that will give you good quality photos under a considerable amount. Research thoroughly to get in touch with the right service or agency


    If you have an off season wedding, the fee structure of most of the photographers goes down to a certain extent. You can easily hire the best photographer in the business. Some photographs are recently working on referrals Influenced by western culture.

    If your friends and family recommend you their favourite photographer, there are chances that the relative and you both get considerable discounts. If you further recommend the excellent work of the photographer, he will provide you with more discounts and other benefits.

    When you hire a photographer, do not run away from direct conversations and quotes. This will save your time and the photographer’s valuable time as well. If you like them and their service is affordable to you, book them as soon as you can. Or otherwise, on the season of weddings, photographers are on pretty hectic schedules.


    May 14, 2019
    The Cutest Baby Photoshoots of Celebrity Kids

    The Cutest Baby Photoshoots of Celebrity Kids

    Babies are the most precious treasure for every parent. There is no other miracle which is as adorable as a baby in this world. That is why you must never miss out on the chance of capturing every single moment of that tiny little angel in your life.

    Now baby photoshoots can be of different kinds. From candid to prop-based, photographers manage to get beautiful photographs of babies and kids.  In order to draw some inspiration on this front, you can check out the latest photoshoots of many celebrity kids.

    Celebrity kids have a fan base of their own. Be it a star kid or a cricketer's kid, they are showered with lots of love from the audience. So you must have a look at all the various kinds of celebrity baby photoshoots and see how adorable the little munchkins look in the photographs.

     1. Traditional Photoshoot of Taimur Ali Khan

    baby photoshoots


    Taimur is the son of popular actor Saif Ali Khan and actress Kareena Kapoor Khan. He is known for his sheer innocence and mesmerising charm. From the day Taimur's first photograph made it to the social media, fans die to see a glimpse of him. In the above photograph, Taimur is in cute traditional attire. On the auspicious festival of Raksha Bandhan, the Khan family made sure that their prince charming looked dapper in his baby pink Kurta and off-white Bandhgala. The picture from the baby photo shoot is a casual representation of his amazing smile and his fans are in just awe of this particular picture.

    2. The Artsy Photoshoot Of Ziva Dhoni

    the baby photo shoot


    The best part of a baby photoshoot is the reflection of innocence in every picture. This beautiful picture of Ziva Dhoni is an excellent example of the same. The background used in this picture is a combination of vintage articles along with a modern-day approach. In order to recreate this kind of an artsy picture, you can dress up your doll in a pretty pastel coloured dress and use the floral band for a creative touch.

    3. Cool and Casual Baby Photoshoot of Abram Khan

    Baby Photos_hoot


    Shahrukh Khan's youngest son, Abram is known to have his own style statement. He is always seen in casual attires and manages to pull them off quite well.  Most of his photographs try to portray the casual yet charming essence of this little man. Here the professional photographer has kept it simple and got some candid shots of the kid. Such funky expressions against the white backdrop are a complete winner.

    4. Surprise Shots of Kunal Khemu and Soha Ali Khan’s Daughter

    candid pictures


    You would agree with the fact that kids are the most beautiful and adorable ones in the world. You would always want to treasure the pictures of your babies throughout your life. That is why you can try out the surprise shot technique like Inaaya Naumi Kemmu, daughter of Soha Ali Khan does in the above picture. You can click random candid pictures throughout the day while the kids are busy during their play time. You are sure to get some amazing shots of your babies like this one.

    5. The Birthday Photo Album of Aaradhya Bachchan

    Girly Photoshoot


    Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Abhishek Bachchan are known to keep their daughter away from the extreme limelight. They usually prefer to keep their daughter Aaradhya down to earth so that she becomes a humble and caring girl in the near future. That is why most of her pictures include simple poses and just a pretty smile. Her birthday pictures are proof that a photograph needs positivity and creativity to become a hit. Here she looks extremely cute and her lady-like posture makes it one of her best clicks till date.

    6. The Girly Photoshoot like Misha Kapoor



    Shahid Kapoor's daughter looks so precious in this photograph. Not much has been forced upon this picture. It is cute, simple and oh-so-adorable. The pose is not at all filmy or clumsy. Misha bites her finger in a naughty manner and the photographer captures are in just the perfect portrait. In fact, the collage formation here is making the photoshoot look casual and pretty as well.

    7. Smiling Picture Capture of Zain Kapoor



    A child looks the happiest when he is with his mother. The same kind of excitement is captured in this picture where little Zain Kapoor looks extremely adorable. His innocent face and dreamy eyes are well captured by the photographer. In fact, Meera Kapoor's delightful charm is adding up to the cuteness quotient of the picture. You can also recreate this picture with your son or daughter and make it look effortless like Meera and Zain in the photograph.

    8. The Family Portrait of Sunny Leone With The Newborns

    Babies photoshoots


    There is something very special about this photograph that cannot be described in words. Baby photoshoots are literally incomplete without the happy smiles of their parents. This particular picture portrays the happiness of Sunny Leone and her husband after their twin boys were born via surrogacy. In fact, the smile on the face of their adopted daughter, Nisha makes it clear that babies are just a reflection of their parents.

    9. The Stylish Baby Photoshoot of The Johars



    Yash Johar and Hiroo Johar make quite a style statement with their quirky yet cool outfits in the picture. They look so casual and happy in those cute pink and white sunglasses. Such photographs bring out the stylish side of the kids and make them look adorable at the same time.

    10. Welcome the Newborn Baby Photography for Neha Dhupia’s Child

    adorable photograph


    Having a baby is going to be the best thing in your life. Those tiny hands and fingers, that infectious smile would definitely win your hearts. So it is always a good idea to savour those memories with a couple of baby photographs. Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi's daughter Meher was welcomed into this world with this adorable photograph. She looks so calm and composed while taking a nap. The entire frame makes her look like a pretty doll altogether.